Justin Bieber Vomits On-Stage (Video)

If you’re “The Biebs”, chances are you’re always on the lookout for some fresh, cutting edge dance moves to add to your repertoire, and the Biebster did just that last night in Glendale, AZ in the form of the stage-puke. It’s not the most conventional one-two step, but Bieber is a trendsetter, so this may be the first of many stage-pukes as he tries to refine the regurgitating maneuver in subsequent performances.

Apparently the teenie bopper sensation is a bit sick—from what, we don’t know. I’m sure his publicist will say it’s a stomach virus and not the aftereffects of shoveling Patron down his throat from the night before with Usher. Because, The Biebs doesn’t party like that. He’s a dancing angel sent from the heavens with the moral fiber of 10 saints.

After having to leave the stage twice due to the illness, Bieber continued the show like the little pukey trooper he is. Too bad the Internet exists though, because this video will live on in infamy. Get well Biebs!

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