Muse Brainwave-Reading Headband Makes Human Interaction Completely Unnecessary [VIDEO]

Model Headband

Social pariahs, rejoice!

Interaxon, a Canadian company working in thought-controlled computing, has developed a headband, Muse, that reads brainwaves. Sensors on the forehead and ears monitor brain activity, and Muse syncs with apps to track the user’s emotions, mood, level of concentration and memory in response to various tasks.

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Interaxon hopes that in the future apps will be created so that the app can be controlled by the mind. They have already developed a brainwave-controlled toaster and a chair that can be levitated by the mind.

The company also envisions the product can be used as a matchmaker, pairing singles based on reactions to songs and movies, or as a virtual personal assistant, performing tasks like keeping emails at bay and playing calming songs when the user is stressed.

Our brain taps in to five senses — we hear, smell, taste, touch and see — and what we’re doing [with Muse] is giving you a new sense,” Interaxon founder Trevor Coleman said.

A sixth sense. Revolutionary!

Source: Huffington Post