Woman Busted with Cocaine-Filled Breast Implants Had Fresh Scars


Authorities in Spain report that they have arrested a woman at the Barcelona airport flying from Bogota, Colombia, who tried to smuggle 3 pounds of cocaine into the country in her breast implants.

The interior ministry said that police noticed that the Panamanian woman had fresh scars and bloodied gauze on her chest, and “pale patches beneath her skin,” according to the Belfast Telegraph.

When questioned, the woman said she recently had breast implant surgery. Police grew suspicious and sent her to the hospital, where the implants were taken out and found to be concealing cocaine.

Why fix what isn’t broken? The foolproof plan is filling a condom with drugs, swallowing it, and then fishing it out of your own poop. Everyone knows that.

An ideal combination of breast implants and cocaine:

boobs and cocaine

But drugs are bad. Don’t forget that, kids.

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