Dan Marino and 7 More NFL Stars with Baby Mama Drama

Marino child affair

With the world all atwitter about Dan Marino’s apparent extra-marital affair and subsequent secret child, it’s a nice time to reflect on other football players and the freaky litters they’re leaving left and right. So don’t judge Dan too harshly, these cats are lapping him.

Travis Henry

travis henry illegitimate kids

Travis Henry was a successful running back in the league for six seasons, bouncing around from Buffalo to Tennessee to Denver and then eventually getting a three-year deal at a federal prison for cocaine trafficking. Along the way he fathered at least nine children with nine different women, although reports on the number seem to fluctuate all the way up to 11 kids. On a positive note, he has been reinstated and is eligible to play in NFL again if a team decides to take a chance on the 33-year-old running back. Apparently the child support is a real killer.

Antonio Cromartie

antonion cromartie illegitimate kids

Cromartie and his wife are expecting twins, which will bring their grand total to four little ones. Seems like a nice family he’s got brewing there. The only problem is the man has fathered a total of 10 other kids with eight different women in six different states. So numbers 11 and 12 might lose a bit of their luster at this point. I’d make a joke about how he’s struggled in certain coverage schemes or whatever, but being on the Jets right now is
punishment enough.

Janoris Jenkins

It's a boy....again!

It’s a boy….again!

Meet the new kid on the block, at least in terms of contributing the most to the world overpopulation epidemic. Jenkins fathered four kids with three different women, and now a fourth mama is claiming he’s the father. It should also be noted that three of these babies were born in the same year. So … yeah, he has unprotected sex at the same rate most people change the oil in their car. Also, he’s only 24 years old, so there’s a chance he could rise to greatness. He should probably get some financial advice though.

Ray Lewis

ray lewis illegitimate kids

By far the most polarizing figure in the sport, Lewis has had his share of ups and downs in his career. That of course includes being accused of a double murder, and pleading guilty to obstruction of justice. These days the linebacker is prepping for the Super Bowl and being accused of huffing deer antler velvet (you can’t make this sh*t up) before riding into the sunset to spend more time with his family. That family includes six children with four different women, mind you. Now, in case you haven’t noticed, Lewis is quite vocal about his faith these days. I’m guessing forgiveness is a big theme here.

Charles Rogers

Charles Rogers Illegitimate kids

Besides being one of the biggest busts in NFL history, Rogers got two separate women pregnant before graduating high school. He finished up with five illegitimate children total, and played in only 14 games professionally. If that wasn’t enough, the guy really hit bottom when he assaulted the mother of one of his kids and entered rehab for substance abuse. This guy was supposed to be the next Randy Moss by the way.

Marshall Faulk

marshall faulk illegitimate

Marshall pulled off six kids with three different women while helping Kurt Warner run the greatest show on turf. His 12,000 yards got him into Canton in 2011, but those six mouths to feed have kept him on the air as an analyst. Also, he’s still pissed about that whole Spygate thing.

Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas Illegitimate children

Pass-rushing guru and Hall of Famer Thomas was a monster on Kansas City’s defensive line throughout the ’90s. When he wasn’t getting seven sacks in a game, he was producing seven children with five different women. At age 33 he was tragically killed from injuries suffered in a car crash, leaving both his large family and the Chiefs faithful devastated.

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