ICE Operation Sunflower Busts 245 Alleged Pedophiles

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) busted about 245 alleged pedophiles and rescued more than 100 sexually abused children in an investigation dubbed “Operation Sunflower.” The operation, named in honor of an 11-year-old girl rescued in Kansas thanks to a sunflower-shaped sign in the background of photos of her being abused, was executed in November and lasted until the first week of December and arrested the alleged across 19 U.S. states.

A total of 123 child victims were identified by ICE agents working with Homeland Security by targeting people who own, trade and produce child pornography. 44 victims were rescued from their abusers, 55 were saved from being exploited and another 24 were identified as adults who were preyed upon as children, reports the Daily Mail.

The ages of the victims are as follows:

Five under the age of 3
Nine aged 4 to 6
21 aged 7 to 9
11 aged 10 to 12
38 aged 13 to 15

15 aged 16 to 17
24 aged 18 and above

“We applaud our partners at ICE for their worldwide work in identifying these victims of child sexual exploitation and for helping to remove these children from extremely dangerous situations,” said National Center for Missing and Exploited Children CEO John Ryan.

The operation involved five and a half weeks of intense searches. ICE special agents tracked down victims by engaging the public through Facebook, Twitter and local news broadcasts, though the process was made difficult because the nature of the images the agents had to go on were not suitable for public viewing. Also, most images were taken in cheap hotel rooms and dark places, which made the process even more difficult.

ICE Agents are still seeking help in identifying the following alleged abusers:

The names of the alleged released to the public so far are as follows:

Bradley Vaine, 26
Mickell Close
Jeremy Michael Edwards
Stephen Keating, 52
Gerald Roberts
Michael Wioskowski, 54
Samuel Gueydan, 48
Ann Marie Piper
Michael Lindsay, 53
Corine Danielle Motley, 25
John Kinloch, 41
Richard White
Zachary Wilson
Justin Christy
Robert Mckany
Kenneth Lee Wilson

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