Justin Bieber Sued by Bodyguard—Israeli Soldier ‘Assaulted’ by Biebs

Justin Bieber Bodyguard

Moshe Benabou, a former bodyguard of Justin Bieber and ex-member of the Israeli army, is now suing the young singer. Bieber is being sued for a prior assault he committed against the bodyguard. Benabou claims he worked for the teen heartthrob from March 2011 to October 2012.

Bieber is also being sued by Beanbou for more than $420,000 in unpaid overtime fees, vacation pay and other wage benefits.

According to Benabou, Justin Bieber yelled at him and then proceeded to beat him up. The bodyguard notes that he was punched in the chest numerous times due to a disagreement stemming from how to handled a particular member of Bieber’s entourage. After walking away from the incident, Benabou claimed Bieber fired him on the spot.

Benabou’s attorney, Ilan Heimanson, gave a statement on the case to the Associated Press:

For nearly two years Mr. Benabou devoted himself completely to ensuring Mr. Bieber’s personal safety. Mr. Benabou deserved, as does any employee, to be treated with respect, dignity and in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, he was not.

Bieber’s representatives told TMZ that the bodyguard is simply a “disgruntled employee looking for money.” Bieber’s camp also stated his claim of Bieber striking him is also “absurd.”

Benabou, 49, was said to be fired by Bieber due to the lies he concocted about working closely with Justin Timberlake. TMZ’s sources stated that this was indeed false.

Moshe Benabou is known for getting into a fight with a photographer at LAX back in February. Video footage of the altercation can be seen below:

Benabou’s LinkedIn page validates his security profession role. It lists the U.S., U.K., France, and Israel as locations where he handled protection duties. The profile also lists Benabou as the owner of a company called IsraGuard Security U.S.

Moshe Benabou LinkedIn

He also has access to a MySpace profile.

The pure absurdity of this all stems from the fact that Bieber – who comes in at 5’7″ and around 130 lbs – was able to get the upper hand on a former Israeli army vet.

Justin Bieber Fight

Bieber’s penchant for fisticuffs almost got him in trouble once before. In October 2012, Bieber was said to have punched and kicked a photographer outside a movie theater near Calabasas, Calif.

Los Angeles prosecutors decided not to file charges against the singer last month. Insufficient evidence was noted as the reason behind this decision.

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