Prison Cat Found With Cellphone, Small Saws in Brazil

Prison Cat

On New Year’s Eve, guards at a northeastern Brazil prison uncovered an escape attempt. The only problem was that the perpetrator was a cat.

The guards noticed a little white cat slipping through the prison gate. When they caught the cat, they found a cellphone, drills, small saws, and other contraband taped to it.

Currently all 263 inmates are suspects, but the prison will have difficulty catching the responsible party. As a prison spokesman put it:

It will be hard to discover who is responsible since the cat does not speak.

What a cat-astrophe! I’m sorry for that. I can haz Xcape nao? Sorry, sorry, I’ll stop. How could it fail? It was the purrrrrrrrrfect plan. Ok, that was the last one.

One thing’s for sure, that cat ain’t no rat. Dammit! It’s just too much fun! He’s no stool pigeon. Gah!

(h/t AP)

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