‘Newborn’ 13-Year-Old: Mom Gives Adopted Son Birth Announcement He Never Had

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A Florida mom gave her adopted son the birth announcement he never had — depicting the 13-year-old as a baby in a touching photo shoot that has gone viral.

Kelli Higgins, a mother of eight children — six biological and two adopted — is a professional photographer in Crestview, Florida.

She adopted her son Latrell and his little sister Chanya when Latrell was 10 years old.

Kelli told the Christian Science Monitor that she always knew she would adopt, even though she had no trouble conceiving children biologically:

I was just going to find an older child who was not getting adopted and give them all the love and attention they’d never had.

She could give them all her love, but they were still missing the memories of a normal childhood:

They come to you with nothing. I mean really nothing, no history at all. No pictures of themselves as babies or anything.

So, in a lighthearted photo shoot, she created a new memory, depicting 13-year-old Latrell as a newborn in photos she compiled in a mock birth announcement.

Kelli shared the announcement on her Facebook page with this message (below), and it has garnered thousands of “likes” and shares and become an inspiration for current and future adoptive parents:

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