Debra Denison Murder-Suicide: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Debra Denison Connecticut Grandmother murder suicide Connecticut Ashton Perry Alton Perry.

Photo via Connecticut State Police

On Tuesday afternoon law-enforcement in Connecticut issued an amber alert for two missing boys, reports CBS Connecticut. Two year old Alton Perry, and his six month old brother Ashton Perry had been apparently abducted by their grandmother, Debra Denison, 47. All three were found dead by gunshot wounds state police at around late on Tuesday night.

Debra Denison Connecticut Grandmother murder suicide Connecticut Ashton Perry Alton Perry

Alton and Ashton Perry. Photo via Connecticut State Police.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Denison Picked the Two Boys up From Their Day Care Center on Tuesday Afternoon

Debra Denison Connecticut Grandmother murder suicide Connecticut Ashton Perry Alton Perry

Kidds and Co., Alton and Ashton Perry’s daycare center in North Stonington, Connecticut.

Debra Denison went to a day care center, Kidds & Co., in North Stonington, Connecticut to pick up her grandchildren, as had been already arranged by the family at 2:30 p.m. After leaving the center, all three went missing. State police issued an amber alert, a standard missing persons warning, at 4:30 p.m. It was Alton’s birthday and Denison was supposed to bring both boys home to open birthday presents.

2. Denison’s Car Was Spotted by a Passer-by at 9:30 p.m in Preston, Connecticut

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State police received a 911 call saying that a car matching the description of Denison’s was seen at Lake of Isles, near Preston Connecticut. The person said that they believed there were injured people in the car, including children. Lake of Isles is located about ten miles from where the boy’s day care center is.

3. The Two Boys Were Found Dead Inside the Car, Along With Their Grandmother

Debra Denison

Upon arriving at the scene police found all three dead in the car of apparent gunshot wounds. Emergency responders then removed the amber alert. This was announced on Facebook by the boy’s mother, Brenda Perry, who also added that:

…God has two beautiful angels helping him now…


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4. A Police Investigation is Ongoing

Police are still unsure of the exact events that took place between the time that Denison picked up her grandchildren at day care and then, apparently committed this atrocity. At the scene, state police recovered a revolver and suicide note that law-enforcement are currently studying. The family have not elaborated on what the contents of the note are.

5. Denison is Believed to Have a History of Mental Illness

The grieving family of Alton and Ashton Perry have said that Denison had suffered from a bi-polar disorder as well as other mental problems.