The 81 US Places that FAA Says Want Drones

If you’re worried about law enforcement and other institutions possibly using drones to spy on you, you’re not alone. A new bill is currently in the works that’s aimed at curbing such uses, but will it be enough? Below is a map, via, depicting the 81 locations that the FAA says have requested UAV authorization. The list is made up of universities, law enforcement, and a Native American tribal agency.

Did your town make the cut?

FAA Requests For UAV Authorization

Depending on how paranoid you are, you may want to consider investing in property in South Dakota. Though, with this many approval applications, it’s hard to believe that anywhere will be safe from prying robot eyes for long. However, to temper that a bit, and the Pandora’s box of possible abuses aside, it’s not likely that UAVs will be used for anything particularly malicious. Law enforcement officials have been using aerial vehicles for reconnaissance for several decades, and just like any other airborne platform, these so-called drones still require competent human input … for now.

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