2 Girls Arrested for Sending Death Threats to Steubenville Rape Victim


The victim in the high-profile Steubenville rape case has apparently been receiving death threats through social media.

Ohio attorney general Mike Dewine announced that the two girls who were sending the threats have been arrested for the alleged cyber bullying and will face charges of harassment, according to Jefferson County News.

Mike Dewine

“Let me be clear.  Threatening a teenage rape victim will not be tolerated.  If anyone makes a threat verbally or via the internet, we will take it seriously, we will find you, and we will arrest you,” said Mike Dewine.

The teenagers arrested were 15 and 16 years old, with one apparently related to one of the convicted rapists. Both will face charges of  misdemeanor for aggravated menacing for threatening the victim, with one of them threatening her with bodily harm, using Twitter and Facebook.

In a tweet to the victim, police say that one of the teens, reportedly named Tashema Harris, wrote, “You ripped my family apart, you made my cousin cry, so when I see you b**** it’s gone be a homicide.”

Death Threat to Rape Victim

One teen turned herself in and apologized for the tweet before her account was deleted while the other was arrested.

Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays

This comes a day after the Jefferson Juvenile Court found the two high school footballers, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, guilty of raping the girl at a party and taking pictures on August 2012.

The case has made the small Ohio town a national issue as the court and law enforcement have used social media to bring together clues on what happened on the night of the rape. The jury used photos and videos found online to create a picture of the dreadful night.

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