REVEALED: Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza Fired 155 Bullets in 5 Minutes

adam lanza search warrant

Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza fired 155 bullets in under five minutes in the rampage that killed 26 people including 20 children, according to a chief prosecutor cited by NBC News.

Meanwhile, search-warrant documents were released today that detail the arsenal of guns and other items seized from the home Adam shared with his mother, Nancy Lanza, as well as other key facts in the case.

Cops found guns, a gun safe, samurai swords, a “New York Times article … of a school shooting at Northern Illinois University,” and “photographs with images of what appears to be a deceased human covered with plastic and what appears to be blood.”

There are five warrants in total — one for the car Lanza drove to the school and four for his home.

The full set of documents appears below.

Here are the highlights:

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adam lanza warrant list
adam lanza search warrant

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sandy hook shooter search warrant
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