Casino in Australia Hit With Ocean’s 11 Style $32 Million Heist

Casino in Melbourne Highroller Heist Oceans 11 style heist

The Crown Casino in Melbourne has been left reeling after a $32 million heist that was carried out by a highrolling gambler, a card dealer, and someone working in security for the gambling den. The dealer has been fired and the card player has been banned from the premises for life, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Police have said that the man was playing cards in one of the casino’s high-stakes rooms. These rooms are outfitted with more sophisticated surveillance than the rest of the casino due to the millions of dollars that change hands there. It’s believed that the man had someone on the inside, viewing the CCTV footage, and through an earpiece was told what cards the dealer was holding. The gaming regulator in Melbourne also believe the dealer was in on the heist, ensuring his cards could be seen by the cameras.

The elaborate plot is being investigated by an international gaming security consultant, Barron Stringfellow (yes, really), who said:

…through a wireless transmission to his ear during his eight hands of play, he was told exactly what plays would be beneficial to make

The problem with casinos is that they believe they are unbeatable.

And we see over and over again that they’re not unbeatable.

If casinos would monitor for wireless transmissions, they would be able to thwart these plans at the onset.