James Oliver Seevakumaran: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

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James Oliver Seevakumaran is the 30-year-old University of Central Florida student that killed himself before carrying out a planned mass murder at his residence hall apartment on campus just after midnight on Monday. His roommate came face to face with the gunman and fled to the bathroom where he made the 911 call that may have saved the campus. Here’s what you need to know about James Oliver Seevakumaran and the attack that could have massacred tons.

1. James Oliver Seevakumaran Planned to Crowd Students Into His Dorm Hallways

James Oliver Seevakumaran

James Oliver Seevakumaran planned to massacre a crowded hallway of his residence hall at the University of Central Florida.

James Oliver Seevakumaran lived in the UCF Tower-1 residence hall, a seven-story building that houses 500 students. His plan was to pull the fire alarm in the apartment building so that the hallways would fill up with students, giving him easy access to as many students as possible, reports The Guardian.

2. He Also Planned to Get Drunk First

Police found a a checklist that Seevakumaran used to plan his attack. The list included getting drunk at a bar called Mad Hatters and pulling the fire alarm, which he did both. The final item on the list was “give ’em hell.”

3. After He Pulled the Alarm, He Returned to His Room to Shoot His Roommate

James Oliver Seevakumaran

Police outside of the residence hall.

Seevakumaran pulled the residence hall fire alarm shortly after midnight and then returned to his apartment. There, he pointed a rifle at his roommate, Arabo Babakhani.

“As soon as the fire alarm happened, I open my door, I think something is burning on the stove,” Babakhani told ABC News. “I open my door and I see my roommate with an assault rifle. I didn’t stop and look, I slam the door in his face so he couldn’t harm me. As soon as I open the door he just raised the rifle on me.”

4. When Police Arrived, Seevakumaran Shot Himself Dead

Babakhani said after he locked himself in the bathroom he heard a few pops and then silence. When police arrived, they discovered Seevakumaran dead from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. The above video is the 911 audio from the attack and video footage of the moment police entered the apartment and found Seevakumaran dead.

5. The Gunman’s Roommate Said He Was a Loner

“For the most part if you said anything to him he would ignore you, he would stare off in the distance and pretend like you didn’t exist,” Babakhani said. But he made eye contact with me when he pulled the gun on me. That was the best eye contact I ever had with him. He looked me dead in the eye and raised the gun.”

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6. Seevakumaran Was a Student at the University From 2010 to 2012
Seevakumaran was enrolled at the University of Central Florida from Fall 2010 until December 2012 as a business major.

7. He Was in the Process of Being Evicted

The gunman didn’t re-enroll for the 2013 semester and was in the process of being evicted for failing to pay tuition fees. University officials said that he would have been evicted sooner but they were lenient when it came to students that had no where to go.

8. He Ordered More Than $700 Worth of Weapons Online

Seevakumaran ordered more than $700 worth of weapons online including two packages of ammunition, gun shooting DVDs, and accessories for the weapons that he planned to use Monday morning. He already has a handgun, an assault rifle, high capacity magazines, and four homemade bombs.

9. A Tragedy was Avoided

University of Central Florida, James Oliver Seevakumaran

University of Central Florida police Chief Richard Beary, shows an example of the assault rifle used by Seevakumaran.

Police stressed the fact that the amount of weapons and ammunition could have aided Seevakumaran in a mass murder.

“Anybody armed with this type of weapon could have hurt a lot of people there, particularly in a crowded area as people were evacuating,” Beary Tuesday. “It could have been a very bad day.”

10. There is No Known Motive

University Police Chief Richard Beary said that there was no note or any type of documentation that provided a motive for the planned attack. He was described by peers as a loner, but never seen as a threat. His roommates said that there was never a sign that he was in the possession of any guns or weapons at any time.