WATCH: Miracle Chinese Chicken Lays Giant Egg WITH ANOTHER EGG INSIDE!

Monster double eggs laid by 'miracle chicken' in China

The “miracle” chicken of a small village in China has shocked locals after it laid a mega half-pound egg that contained two yolks and another fully-formed egg inside. The hen has been laying these extraordinarily large, double-yoked items for three weeks but this is the first time it laid triplets. It’s like a real-life babushka doll!

The 87-year-old woman who owns the chicken thought her hen was dying when she saw it laying the huge egg. The owner believes it is the chicken’s steady diet of rice that has caused the phenomenon.

It's a miracle! Spread the word!

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Although it was enormous for a chicken egg, the Guinness Book of World Records won’t be making any additions with this discovery as the “largest egg from a bird” is still the work of a Swedish ostrich who laid a 5-pounder in 2008. There is no category for largest chicken egg.

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