Mom Arrested for Slapping the Wrong Son in Principal’s Office

South Carolina Mom

36-year-old Tyshekka Collier of South Carolina. Photo courtesy of CBS Atlanta.

Thirty-six-year-old Tyshekka Collier of South Carolina got herself arrested when she entered her teenage son’s school determined to discipline her troublemaking child but ended up slapping the wrong kid.

WTLX News reported the story that Spartanburg County sheriff’s deputies gave to them. Tyshekka walked into Fairforest Middle School this week to pick up her son. She stormed into the principal’s office and spotted a young boy sitting on the couch with his head down. Tyshekka proceeded to slap the child, but she soon realized her mistake and apologized to the boy. The boy was actually waiting to be picked up by his mother because he was sick.

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Even after slapping the wrong boy, Tyshekka went ahead and started slapping her real son upside the head and knocking him to the ground. She beat her son for getting into trouble at the school.

The principal, Ty Dawkins, was forced to call the police after witnessing the entire incident.

Tyshekka was charged with disturbing a school, plus two counts of third-degree assault and battery. She was later released from jail for making her $3,000 bond. Her three other children are now in protective custody.

Shelly Williams, mother of the son who was mistakenly slapped, felt that her son and Tyshekka’s son looked nothing alike:

I know my child don’t look like her child. I know her child ain’t the same size as my child, so what was her problem?

A news story by Fox Carolina can be seen above.

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