Rich Russians Using ‘Ambulances Taxis’ to Avoid Traffic Jams

Ambulance Taxis

It’s hard driving to work sometimes when there’s bumper-to-bumper traffic during the day’s harshest hours. Moscow’s rich and wealthy have come up with a way to fix that as they introduce the “ambulance taxi” service. The National Post reported that businessmen have used this technique to avoid traffic and make it to work on time, much to the dismay of police officers.

The “ambulance taxi” service costs $200 an hour for businessman who are in a hurry to make it to work. Ambulances are used to scatter traffic for an emergency, but companies are using this for work purposes, which have angered law enforcement. The police told the paper that they have caught on to this service after stopping one of these vehicles. “During a patrol, a medical car was stopped because it was breaking traffic rules,” said the source.

Limosine Interior

Police officials stopped the car for a routine check and saw that there were ordinary citizens inside sitting on VIP-styled seats and the driver wasn’t tailored to look like they’re from the hospital. When the police asked for their names, the well-dressed citizens refused to reveal their identities.

Moscow Traffic

Moscow suffers from heavy traffic, complicated by poorly parked cars and police roadblocks. With businessmen using ambulances to dodge traffic, police said they will continue to do spot checks on ambulances.

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