Teacher Paid Student $120 to Delete Video of Him Fondling Her Boob, Cops Say

Terina Ann Parr

A Minnesota teacher’s aide was charged with sexual conduct with a 17-year-old student last week after allegedly paying the student $120 to erase a video of them having sexual contact.

The Pioneer Press reported that 44-year-old Terina Ann Parr may face 10 years in jail if convicted, but she claims she’s the victim.

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Fertile-Beltrami High School

The married teaching assistant faced accusations of inappropriate behavior with an unnamed student at the Fertile-Beltrami High School. Deputy Randy Lee and other investigators stated that Terina kissed the student’s lips and put her hands on him. Lee said that in early March, the student recorded himself touching the woman’s breast “so that he would have proof.”

He showed the video to other students and told Parr that he would delete it if she gave him $120. Terina allegedly paid the student in $20 bills, with the student deleting the video in her presence. But the student told the police. Other students told deputies that they have also seen the video.

Terina said that she is innocent, claiming that the student made advances to her in the past, exposed himself in front of her, and placed her hand on his body. She said that everyone would believe him rather than taking her word because he’s only a kid.

Parr says she only held the student’s hand for moral support. She claims she only gave him money as a Christmas present, even though she did see the student delete the video. She and the student also exchanged text messages, which the police found on the student’s cell phone.

Terina’s lawyer, Blair Nelson, said the wrong person is being charged and that with the evidence, it will be proven that the teacher’s aide was a victim of sexual conduct by a student:

She is being charged due to her employment situation. She is an employee of the school involved in an accusation by a student, who actually was the perpetrator in this case.

Parr was hired last fall but is not listed in the school’s staff directory. School Superintendent Brian Clarke declined to comment.

Nelson added that Parr has a clean record and is supported by friends and family. Parr would be facing the court on Monday for an omnibus hearing before entering a not-guilty plea.