Visine Poisoning: Man Spikes Girlfriend’s Drink After Fight

A California man tried to poison his girlfriend with Visine, was arrested and charged

It won’t give you diarrhea, but eye redness reliever Visine is no joke — ingesting it can be hazardous. That’s why Shayne Carpenter, 27, was arrested after he allegedly laced his girlfriend’s drinks with it when he was angry with her after a fight, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, discovered the “prank” when she read through Carpenter’s text messages on his phone, where he was joking about the incident to his friends.

“If she talks crap, she’s going to be crapping,” Carpenter reportedly said in the texts.

She said that the two of them fought, and afterward she began to feel ill with no explanation. The woman received treatment at a hospital and is now in good health.

Carpenter, a mechanic by trade, was arrested in Grass Valley, California, after the woman went to the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department. When she went to the police, they asked her to call Carpenter while they covertly listened to the call. After Carpenter admitted to lacing her drinks, the police found and arrested him. He was charged with poisoning and domestic violence, and he was released from police custody on a $25,000 bail.

Visine may have a reputation as a diarrhea-inducing drug, when dripped in someone’s drink, but such claims are pure myth. It appears that this rumor was started by the movie Wedding Crashers, where Owen Wilson drips a few drops into a drink, leading to severe diarrhea.

The reality is that the active ingredient is a vasoconstrictor and in a high enough dose can kill you. In a Sixth Sense-esque, Munchhausen-by-proxy case, a Pennsylvania woman poisoned her boyfriend for years by dropping the drug in his water, all for his attention.

In short, Visine will let you get away under-the-radar with a stoned night laughing with your friends, but putting it in someone’s drink is no laughing matter.

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