Daredevil Raccoon Becomes Internet Star [VIDEO]

Clever little raccoon walking across some phone wiresMy coworker's wife filmed this video of a clever little fella walking on some wires.2013-04-05T13:39:48.000Z

A high-flying hydro wire-traipsing raccoon in Toronto has become an Internet star after a woman caught its daring theatrics on video.

Mavis Knight caught the furry daredevil on camera last week making its way out of her backyard, where he’s been busy causing mischief over the past year.

“I went like this,” she told the CBC, rubbing her eyes. “I thought maybe I must be hallucinating or something.”

Knight had reportedly never seen a raccoon until encountering this thrill-seeker last year, and says she only filmed the creature up on the wires to show to her husband.

“I never thought it would get out of hand like this… I just thought (when our friend asked to post the video to YouTube) that if it made me laugh, it would make somebody else laugh too,” she told the Toronto Star.

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