Lauren Holman Brown: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lauren Holman Brown firefighters hostage

Lauren Holman Brown. Photo via

Lauren Holman Brown, 55, has been named as the Gwinnett County man who held five firefighters hostage yesterday in his home in Suwannee, Georgia. Brown faked a heart attack to lure the firemen into his home, then held them at gunpoint before he was killed by officers storming his home. The four-hour standoff came to an end at around 7:30 p.m. on April 10.

Brown had planned for a hostage situation, reports, with his guns being easily accessible. He reportedly chose firefighters as his hostages because he knew that they would not be armed.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. He Was a Recluse
Neighbors say he kept to himself, rarely answering his front door. He never mowed his lawn or interacted with his neighbors. One neighbor who spoke to 11alive during the incident lived three doors away from Brown and didn’t even know his first name.

2. He Had an Arsenal of Guns

Lauren Holman Brown, man who took firefighters hostage

During the ordeal, firefighters were heard over their radios saying that Brown had multiple firearms in the house. The chatter reportedly included these words:

(He has) multiple guns, multiple rifles, we’re in a situation where we have an armed person and he is requesting certain utilities to be turned back on at his house. He is armed and we are in the room with him.

In total, Cops found six guns in the house.

3. Ordering Seafood Led to the End of the Standoff

Lauren Holman Brown, man who took firefighters hostage

Brown ordered food for him and his hostages from Captain D’s Seafood Kitchen. SWAT members, disguised as employees of the restaurant, delivered the food and were able to ascertain the situation. The decision was then taken that the firefighters were in immediate danger and a plan was made to raid the premises.

A hole was blown in the side of the home by the SWAT team who were on scene, to “distract and disorientate.” Cops used concussion flash grenades in addition to the initial explosion.

Lauren Holman Brown

Photo via Blayne Alexander/11Alive News

Brown shot first at the raiding SWAT team members, shooting an officer in the hand. That officer shot back and killed Brown. The cop is in good condition.

All of the firefighters involved in the hostage taking have been released from hospital after standard medical tests.

4. He Had Money Troubles — And Demanded His Utilities Be Turned Back On

Lauren Holman Brown, man who took firefighters hostage

The home where Brown took hostages had recently been foreclosed on, and Brown reportedly was upset that his utilities had been shut off. During the hostage crisis he demanded they be turned back on. Freddie Mac confirmed:

…the home is in foreclosure and being prepped for sale.

Brown reportedly inherited the home, and other debt, last year.

Brown lived in the house for 10 years. Despite reports that he was demanding his power be switched on, neighbors say they saw his the lights of the house on on Tuesday night.

5. He Had Previous Trouble With the Law

Lauren Holman Brown, man who took firefighters hostage

Brown has been divorced since 1999. Court documents say that he was accused of family violence and contempt charges. He also failed to appear in court in 2010 on traffic violations. It’s believed he has two children.

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