Mike Wallace Apologizes After Homophobic Tweet Toward Jason Collins

Mike Wallace Jason Collins, Jason Collins

Just hours after NBA player Jason Collins became the first openly gay and active basketball player, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace took to Twitter to express his bewilderment:

All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH…

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the longtime league veteran who has battled Hall of Famers announced to the world that he is gay, making him the first high-profile American pro athlete to do so. While many praised his courageous decision, not all responded positively, including Wallace. After the football player’s tweet, a rep for the team said that the Dolphins took immediate action.

The Dolphins said in a statement:

Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him. Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization. We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.

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Wallace deleted the tweet and apologized for his insensitive comment.

In the Sports Illustrated interview with Collins, the basketball player said he would be happy to talk it over with any player who is on the fence about coming out:

I’ll sit down with any player who’s uneasy about my coming out. Being gay is not a choice. This is the tough road and at times the lonely road.

Looks like Wallace may be the first player Collins needs to enlighten!

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