Sheriff Shot Dead in Broad Daylight: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

sheriff shot dead, eugene crum

Sheriff Crum. (Via Facebook)

Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum has been shot dead outside the county courthouse in Williamson, West Virginia. It’s the latest in a string of incidents where criminals have targeted high-profile law-enforcement personnel.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He Was Eating Lunch

sheriff shot eugene crum

Crum was sworn in as sheriff in January. (Via Facebook)

Crum was eating lunch in his normal spot when he was gunned down in broad daylight. He was reportedly shot four times.

The Charleston Daily Mail reports “a vehicle pulled up beside the sheriff, so he rolled down his window, and was then shot.” The Williamson Daily News gives additional detail:

Crum was in his vehicle, witnesses say, when a male drove up to a parking lot on 3rd Avenue, exited his vehicle, walked to Crum’s SUV, and shot him point blank.

2. A Suspect Has Been Shot & Caught
WOWK 13 News Photo

A suspect is in custody, according to WYNT.

WSAZ reporter Melanie Chapman tweets that the suspect was shot and is in the hospital:

3. It’s the Latest in a String of Brazen Slayings of High-Profile Law Enforcement
This comes after recent killing of of a DA and his wife at their home in Texas, the slaying of Colorado corrections head at his home, and three months ago the killing of a DA outside another Texas courthouse. The Aryan Brother white-supremacist prison gang is suspected in the previous killings.

4. He Was Known for Cracking Down on Drugs
sheriff shot eugene crum

Crum, who was sworn in January 1, ran on a platform of cracking down on drug dealers and recently made a large OxyContin bust:

I told the residents of this county while campaigning for the office of sheriff that getting drugs off the streets was my main objective, today, I signed my first criminal complaint since taking the oath of office and it was a warrant for possession and delivery of prescription drugs.

5. This County Voted for a Felon over Obama
Mingo County is known for intense anti-Obama sentiment and voted for a felon over Barack Obama in the 2012 primary.

WV sheriff shot, eugene crum shot

Sheriff Eugene Crum. (Via WKYT)

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