U.S. Deploys Second Destroyer Warship to North Korea


In response to rising animosity between North Korea and world relations, the U.S. military has deployed a second guided-missile destroyer to the Asia-Pacific region.
Reuters reports:

The United States is walking a difficult line, trying to avoid escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula while also taking steps to reassure allies in Seoul and Tokyo of American military capabilities to respond to any moves by Pyongyang.

North Korea’s response to news of the U.S.’s latest deployment was to announce it had plans to revive a dilapidated nuclear reactor and produce weapon grade plutonium.

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The United Nations president, Ban Ki-Moon, a South Korean himself, responded to North Korea’s announcement: “Nuclear threats are not a game. Aggressive rhetoric and military posturing only result in counter-actions, and fuel fear and instability.”

Twitter immediately enlisted to pick the subject apart–some with humor, others with a bit of trepidation: