Mall Shooting in Virginia: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A shooting at the New River Community College in the New River Valley Mall in Christianburg, Virginia, has left two women wounded in the hospital and a suspect, Neil MacInnis, in custody, reports WDBJ7.

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Here’s what you need to know…

1. The Shooter May Have Announced His Plans on 4Chan

Mall shooting in Virginia, Community college shooting in Virginia.

According to Gawker, this now-deleted message appeared on the forum 4Chan:

Below is the image of the man that appears on the website that is linked to in the 4Chan post:

Mall shooting in Virginia, Community college shooting in Virginia.

2. Two Women Were Shot

One woman was airlifted to a local hospital, and another was brought by ambulance. The identities and condition of the victims have not been released, reports the Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

3. Police Nabbed a Suspect

Mall shooting in Virginia, Community college shooting in Virginia.

Police with suspect. Photo via

The suspect reportedly jumped out of white vehicle and entered the mall through a side entrance. The man has been named as 18-year-old Neil MacInnis, and police are not searching for additional suspects.

4. The Mall is Still Being Cleared

Mall manager Mike Poldiak ” target=”_blank”>told the The Roanoke Times:

We also expect to soon have a team at the scene to provide counseling and emotional support to tenants and employees as needed, to help the individuals cope with the effects of this tragedy in the difficult time.

5. The Mall is Located Just 8 Miles from Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech was the location of a horrific mass shooting in 2007 that claimed the lives of 32 innocent students and faculty at the hands of Seung-Hui Cho, who also killed himself. It was the second-worst school shooting in American history and the worst college shooting.

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