47 Cops Murdered in the Line of Duty in 2012; 45 Killed Accidentally

FBI copy 2

The FBI today released its 2012 statistics of police officers feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2012.

The number dropped to 47, down from 72 in 2011. Meanwhile, 45 officers were accidentally killed on duty, down from 53 in 2011.

In both categories, officers killed in the South make up a disproportionately large number.

Felonious Deaths: 47

By region:

South: 22
West: 8
Northeast: 6
Midwest: 5
Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico: 6

Cause of death:

In 43 of the 47 felonious deaths, officers were killed by guns:

Handguns: 30
Rifles: 7
Shotguns: 3
Unspecified: 3

In the remaining four:

Vehicle used as weapon: 2
Knife: 1
Hands, fists, feet or other “personal” weapons: 1

Among the officer victims:

Wearing body armor: 20
Fired own weapon: 6
Attempted to fire own weapon: 2
Had weapon stolen: 2 (none killed by own weapon)


Investigating suspicious persons or circumstances: 12
Traffic stop or pursuit: 8
Tactical situations: 5
Ambushed: 5
Responding to disturbance: 4
Transporting prisoner: 3
Drug-related matter: 2
Attempt to make arrest: 2
Performing investigation: 2
Responding to robbery: 2
Responding to burglary: 1
Handling mentally ill person: 1

Accidental Deaths: 45

By region:
South: 27
Northeast: 8
West: 7
Midwest: 3

Cause of death:

Auto accidents: 22
Struck by vehicles: 10
Motorcycle accidents: 6
Airplane accidents: 3
Accidental shootings: 2

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