Baltimore Train Derailment & Explosion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

According to numerous tweets and on-the-ground reports, a loud explosion took place outside of Baltimore, Maryland, after a train derailment. Here’s what we know so far. If you have any photos, videos, or information, email us at

The police has issued a 20-block evacuation for the area. “If you can see the smoke plume, emergency mgmt advises you to evacuate,” they tweeted.

News outlets are reporting two injuries from the train derailment and explosion.

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1. A Train Was Derailed and There was an Explosion

Based on the on-the-ground reports we’ve been seeing, a train was derailed and exploded. Below are some images of the train post-explosion. No information yet regarding what caused the explosion.

Just now, the Baltimore PD tweeted out the following:

2. There Are Reports of “Acrid” Smell in the Air

The Baltimore Sun reports that there is a “smell of acrid smoke” in the vicinity. As we reported previously, hazmat teams are on the scene.

UPDATE: According to Newsbreaker, the police say there were no toxic substances on the cargo train:

However, Baltimore Sun writer Justin George tweets that the train was carrying chemicals:

But, the chemicals don’t look to be dangerous:

3. There’s A Driver Trapped

UPDATE: The driver has been extracted and his condition is being described as “serious but stable.”

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