Store Clerk Scares off Masked Robbers with Loaded AR-15

Store owner exercises his right to bear armsOn Sunday morning, Shawn Schank came face to face with two robbers wearing ski masks as they attempted to rob the gas station he owns. He was able to scare them away when he grabbed his AR-15 rifle. Full Story: ——————————- Facebook | Twitter | Website | Thanks for watching!2013-05-01T14:29:53.000Z

In a story sure to provide ammunition for gun advocates, a store clerk in Michigan scared off two masked robbers by whipping out a loaded AR-15 rifle.

Shawn Schank, a former National Guardsman who served time in Afghanistan, told TV6’s Gabrielle Mays that he was heading to the restroom at his convenience store in Shingleton, Upper Michigan, “when he noticed the two men trying to steal from the empty cash register.”:

They were trying to hide behind the counter and I kicked one into the other one. When I kicked him and pulled out the gun, he took off his mask so I would recognize them.

gun owner stops robber right to bear arms michigan

The would-be thieves begged for their lives and ran out the door.

Two suspects were later nabbed by cops: Ruben Sifuentes, 18, and Brandon Monroe, 17.

Schank said if it happened again he’d follow the same protocol:

I don’t care if people try to rob. I will respond the same way.

Bring it on.

gun owner stops robber right to bear arms

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