Westboro Baptist Church Sends Offensive Tweet About Jeff Hanneman’s Death

It didn’t take long for them to get involved. Just minutes after the tragic passing of legendary heavy-metal guitarist Jeff Hanneman was announced, the Westboro Baptist Church piped up with this statement:

“Which of your idols will God kill next?”

The church mocks the passing yesterday of Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly, in addition to Hanneman’s death. Previously there was a Facebook page set up to try to persuade Slayer to play a show directly in front of the Westboro Baptist Church’s headquarters in Topeka, Kansas. The campaign has been online since January 2011 and was a direct response to WBC’s picketing of a high school in Utah, that picket was, according to the church, organized “…to tell (students) the truth for the first time in their lives.”

Westboro Baptist Church Jeff Haneman Slayer

Forget about these nuts, and remember the great Slayer axeman.

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