WATCH: The 5 Most Shocking Videos of Brazil’s Protests

Brazil Protests Bus Fare Hikes and World Cup Tournament

Brazilians exploded in protest this week as tempers flared over the raise in bus fares and the funding of a stadium to host the World Cup. Thousands of protesters filled the streets, and what started as a peaceful demonstration turned into a violent one, with riot police using mace to control crowds and protesters setting fires and smashing windows.

Below is some of the most dramatic footage from the protests.

Police forces attacked Brazil protesters [Subtitled] [Legendado]Video produced on June 13, 2013. At Paulista Avenue, São Paulo, Brazil. Please, help us to disclose those images. We are trying to do our best around here. Young people from all parts of the city are mobilizing against the oppressive government. The protests started against the public transportation increasing prices. The "Movimento Passe Livre" (Free Pass Movement) organized series of interventions that are being violently repressed by Brazilian police. Original video! +100k shares and increasing! More info: oquenaosainatv saladuprising LostArt…… midiaNINJA feridosnoprotestosp Michel de Souza 65milemsp

VideoVideo related to watch: the 5 most shocking videos of brazil’s protests2013-06-19T13:15:49-04:00

Brazil's president praises protests as unrest continuesProtesters angry about a rise a bus fare rise and growing cost of living kept up the pressure on Brazil's government with new demonstrations in the country's biggest cities on Tuesday, even as President Dilma Rousseff scrambled to diffuse tensions.2013-06-19T13:41:45.000Z

No Olho Do Furacão (In The Eye Of The Storm)Brasil, 2013. Durante os protestos em junho no Rio eu fiz um registro do registro das minhas fotografias. É um vídeo que conta exatamente momentos antes de cada fotografia tirada, acho que além disso, conta a história de algo que parece estar marcando nosso país. Confesso que me emocionei ao final. Assistam, compartilhem, multipliquem. Fotografias, imagens e edição por Michel Coeli Trilha original "Changes" por Pedro Curvello __________________________ ENGLISH In The Eye Of The Storm (No Olho Do Furação) Brazil, 2013. During the protests on june in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, I filmed myself photographing the riots. It is a video that shows moments before each photograph was taken. I think it also tells the story of something that seems to be marking our country. I confess that, towards the end, it moved me to tears. Watch it, share it, multiply it. Photograped, Filmed and Edited by Michel Coeli Original Soundtrack "Changes" by Pedro Curvello ___________________________ http://www.michelcoeli.com2013-06-16T01:40:54.000Z

Protests escalate in Brazil over Confed Cup | JournalMajor Brazilian cities have seen another night of protests against the billions of euros being spent on the Confederations Cup and next year's World Cup. Police clashed with demonstrators in the capital Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. For more go to