Carlos Ortiz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Connecticut police have arrested Carlos Ortiz, 27, a man that may be linked to the Aaron Hernandez/Odin Lloyd murder case, reports MyFoxBoston.

It has been reported that there four men traveling in the car that with Odin Lloyd the night Lloyd was murdered.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Ortiz Was Arrested in Bristol, Connecticut

Carlos Ortiz Facebook Aaron Hernandez Odin Lloyd Murder

He was apprehended prior to Aaron Hernandez’s arraignment this morning in the former Patriot’s hometown. Ortiz was arrested on a fugitive from justice charge in New Britain, Bristol. He’s being held at Hartford Correctional Facility on a $1.5 million bond due to a violation of his probation. Ortiz has previous convictions for larceny and criminal mischief convictions.

According to the Courant, Ortiz is a resident of Apt 6, 78 Federal Street, Bristol, Connecticut, shown here on Google maps:

2. Ortiz Had Firearm the Day Odin Lloyd Was Murdered

He is “waiving extradition,” back to Bristol County, Massachusetts. This means that he will go willingly back to the jurisdictions where he being sought, making “extradition” unnecessary. According to WCVB, Ortiz will be back in court on July 23. All of the documents involved in the case, Brian Preleski, New Britain’s state’s attorney told the Hartford Courant:

Both the Bristol Police Department and the New Britain State’s Attorney’s Office will continue to provide whatever assistance we can in connection with this investigation. As the investigation is ongoing, we can have no further comment at this time.

3. Officials Have Confirmed the Relation Between This Case and Aaron Hernandez

Carlos Ortiz Gun Aaron Hernandez Murder Odin Lloyd

Bristol Police Lt. Jack Michaud confirmed the arrest to FOX 25 on June 26. It wasn’t until June 27 before the link was formally acknowledged.

Prior to joining the NFL, Aaron Hernandez background was investigated by different teams, particularly the alleged-gang activity of some of his “associates” in his native Bristol, Connecticut.

4. His Facebook Photos Include an Image of Aaron Hernandez

Aaron hernandez girlfriend, Hernandez Facebook Baby, Carlos Ortiz

Ortiz’s Facebook page also makes it clear that he’s a fan of Hernandez former-employers, the New England Patriots:

Aaron Hernandez Carlos Ortiz Facebook Odin Lloyd Murder

Though not terrible active on Facebook, he says that he attended New Britain High School in Bristol, Connecticut as well Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut.

Carlos Ortiz Gun Aaron Hernandez Murder Odin Lloyd

5. Ortiz is Friends With Aaron Hernandez’s Brother

Carlos Ortiz Gun Aaron Hernandez Murder Odin Lloyd DJ Hernandez

According to Carlos Ortiz’s Facebook, he counts Aaron Hernandez’s older brother, D.J. Hernandez, 27, as one of his friends. According to this online profile, D.J. Hernandez joined the University of Iowa’s football program. There he coaches the Hawkeyes tight-ends, he joined the college in 2012.

Carlos Ortiz Gun Aaron Hernandez Murder Odin Lloyd DJ Hernandez

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