Michael Hastings Death Conspiracy: Was FBI Investigating Dead Reporter?

In a starting series of tweets sent by the WikiLeaks Twitter account, the organization says recently deceased Buzzfeed reporter Michael Hastings contacted one of their lawyers and said the FBI was investigating him.

Hastings has stirred quite a bit of controversy in his relatively short journalism career. His first big story was a profile on Gen. Stanley McChrystal for Rolling Stone magazine, which resulted in President Obama’s first scandal and the firing of McChrystal.

It was also reported that Hastings was working on a story regarding the CIA, according to LA Weekly. With Hastings’ talent to find groundbreaking stories, he must have been working on something important.

WikiLeaks says that, only a few hours before Hastings’ car accident, he contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson — a well known lawyer from London — and told her that the FBI was investigating him. Here’s the tweet in it’s entirety below:

Quite an interesting development. We’re trying to confirm whether or not these allegations are true and will update this article when we have more information.

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