Man Claims Discrimination for ‘I Love Strippers’ Neck Tattoo

Maynardville, Tennessee, resident Mike McKeown likes to drink. He also loves tattoos and strippers. Naturally, the logical step was to get a tattoo reading “I heart strippers” on his neck so everyone would be aware of his love for them. Unfortunately for Mike, not everyone shares his love of strippers, tattoos, or stripper tattoos.

WATE News is reporting that Mike claims that he’s been discriminated against for his proclamation of stripper love neck tat. Last Saturday, Mike was stopped by Bubba Brew’s owner Ned Bass and told he’d have to put a shirt on or leave the bar. No shirts, no shoes may fly at 7-11, but classy establishment Bubba Brew’s simply won’t tolerate that kind of heathenism.

Bubba Brew’s is a floating sports bar attached to a marina, offering rednecks a place to paddle up to after a day of guzzling party liquor on the lake. Before the sun goes down, though, it’s a family establishment, according to Ned Bass:

In a family-oriented establishment, you can’t have the obscenities he has on his body. That’s free speech. He can go to the beach, but he can’t come to Bubba Brew’s.

ned bass, bubba brews

Kids are going to learn about strippers eventually, but Ned aims to make damn sure it’s not from some neck-tatted bubba at Bubba’s. Mike McKeown admits the tattoo on his side of a monkey whipping its dick out is a mistake from his younger days, but says the bar has no problem with other obscene ink:

I’ve seen Nazi tattoos on people. I’ve seen naked women tattoos on people down there.

Whoa, back up the trailer — inked-up naked chicks of the SS are okay, but what is essentially a bumper sticker neck tat is out of line?! Where does the line of acceptable ink fall at this place?

Bar patron Mark Bradley was vacationing with his family from Indiana and does agree that some of Mike’s tattoos are in poor taste for a “family” joint like Bubba’s:

Some of the things on there were a little inappropriate for my two daughters to see because obviously they can read and spell and all that.

One can only imagine the damage done to those poor children who had to be subjected to a perverted stripper tattoo in-between shotgunning beers. What’s next, kids having to watch meth heads get their fix while in line for the dessert bar at Shoney’s?

Mike McKeown and his stripper neck tat have been banned from Bubba’s for one year.

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