Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin’s Friend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rachel Jeantel Trayvon Martins Friend on the Stand

One of the most controversial race trials in US history continues to rage on in Florida. Over the last few days, the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin other than George Zimmerman, Rachel Jeantal, 19, has been on the stand. For months, the identity of the person Martin had been speaking to was unknown, after Jeantel stepped forward, every facet of her life has been investigated.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. Rachel Jeantel Heard Trayvon Call George Zimmerman a “Creepy Ass Cracker”

In a bid to prove that it was Trayvon Martin who began the racial tone to the events that unfolded that fateful evening, a defense attorney Don West asked Jeantel if she felt that “creepy ass cracker,” was a racial slur? She replied that she didn’t feel that it was. Her response has been the subject of much debate in the news media.

Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin's Friend

2. Jeantel Had A Slew Of Embarrassing Tweets On Her Account Before It Was Cleaned Up

Rachel Jeantel, Trayvon Martin's Friend

In an attempt to discredit Rachel Jeantel, her Twitter posts were exposed all over the Internet by her detractors. In them, she describes smoking and drinking and even uses derogatory and racial language to refer to acquaintances, according to The Smoking Gun.

According to her Facebook page she does no work — she lists her work as “My mama n daddy do all the work I just spend it.” She also lists Miami University, where she is going to school and studying Criminal Justice. The school have no record of her enrollment.

3. She Has Had an Extremely Difficult Time on the Stand

Rachel Jeantel Freind of Trayvon Martin In Court

Wednesday and Thursday on the stand for her were not easy. She seemed uninterested, difficult to engage and, sometimes, downright disrespectful. Her attorney said she just didn’t want to be there, but while being questioned Wednesday she clearly seemed frustrated with the questions as she said “You. Got. To. Un. Der. Stand,” as she described that the reason she did not attend Martin’s wake was because she was the last person who had spoken to him and did not want to see the body.

But Jeantel was able to turn the tables slightly on Don West on June 27 by criticizing him for canceling a scheduled interview the two had at short notice.

4. The Defense Played Off the Difficulty to Understand Jeantel

Rachel Jeantel Trayvon's Friend Written Statement

In what would appear to have been a cruel strategy, defense attorneys have been making reference to the difficulty members of the court may have in understanding Jeantel’s understated way of speaking. Her use of the word “retarded,” have been criticized in some sections of the media, reports The Daily News.

5. Supporters Took To Twitter To Express Their Feelings On Jeantel

Some people on social media have been supporting, and making fun of, Jeantel, saying she’s strong and/or stupid.


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Didn’t she admit that Trayvon punched Zimmerman?

Jorge Farelas

She implied that Trayvon fought back even saying that he “whooped ass,” but it has always been my opinion that it was her opinion based on Zimmerman allegedly having injuries to his face/head and probably her wish that at least Trayvon went down fighting. It is probably easier for her to sleep at night believing that Trayvon at least got a couple of shots in before he was killed. There is no way though that she could have known whether or not Trayvon punched Zimmerman or that Zimmerman was even the man that asked him what he was doing around there. She never testified nor was she asked if the voice she heard ask Trayvon what he was doing around there belonged to Zimmerman. She said it sounded like an old man. Zimmerman doesn’t sound like an old man even to teenagers. He has a moderate sounding voice. She also said that Trayvon referred to the person who was watching him as a creepy ass cracka. She also told Bernie that Trayvon said the guy looked white. There is no way that Zimmerman would be mistaken as a white person. At night he might even pass for a light skinned black person. In the day time he looks hispanic or even middle eastern especially if you look at the photos of him that were taken that night. He looks anything but white.

Furthermore, Zimmerman had very dark tinted windows all around his truck. Photos are online. It would be difficult to see the person in the truck in the day. At night it would be impossible. How did Trayvon see Zimmerman? According to Zimmerman Trayvon never got within ear shot of his vehicle, and he was at closest a car length away. This was in one of his statements he gave to police that was recorded. Audio is online. Zimmermans truck lights would have been very bright so it is doubtful that Trayvon could have seen Zimmerman through the front windshield. According to Zimmerman he was driving with his lights on. If he were lying and his lights were off it would have been difficult for Trayvon to see through the front windshield at night where it was very dark. Keep in mind also that it was raining and Trayvon was wearing a hoodie. Both conditions would have made it more difficult for Trayvon to see.

My theory is that the man who asked him what he was doing around there and who Trayvon told Rachel looked like a creepy ass cracka wasn’t George Zimmerman, but perhaps a friend of George’s who was helping him patrol that evening. They may have even been two different people. One witness said she saw a man with a white shirt standing over Trayvon. She was on the phone talking to the police as everything was going down so what she saw was very fresh in her memory. She was reporting what she saw as it was happening. Zimmermans jacket is orange which some people might confuse for red. Red and orange or harder to see than white obviously so Zimmerman could have been in the vicinity of the killing, but it would be easier to focus on the dude with the white shirt. There was also DNA that wasn’t identified on Zimmerman’s gun that wasn’t his or Trayvon’s. Did Zimmerman even shoot Trayvon or was it a friend of his that used his gun? Did Zimmerman take credit to protect the real killer? It would explain why there was no blood on Zimmerman’s jacket and shirt. Pics are online of Zimmerman as well as a video of Zimmerman entering the police station the night of the killing. If he really did shoot trayvon exactly how he said he did you would expect his inner shirt or jacket to be soiled with blood. Both look clean. The whole thing is very strange. Bottom line is that there is no way Rachel could have known if Trayvon punched Zimmerman over the phone. I have doubts if she were even the person who spoke to Trayvon that night. It might have been her phone number but that doesn’t mean she was on the other end talking to Trayvon. She might have known Trayvons real girlfriend who asked Rachel to use her phone to talk to him. Something to think about.

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