13-Year-Old Runaway ‘Gang Raped & Filmed by 10 Men’

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A 13-year-old runaway was allegedly picked up and repeatedly raped by a group of men in North Austin, Texas.

Here are the facts about his horrifying situation.

1. 10 Men Allegedly Took Turns Raping and Filming Her

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According to reports of the court affidavit, up to 10 men took turns raping the 13-year-old girl. They also filmed the event on their cell phones.

“All of the other males took turns having sex with victim against her will, which lasted through the early morning hours,” according to the affidavit, via the Washington Post.

The crime reportedly took place from 10 p.m. and carried on into the morning.

2. Two Men Have Been Charged

Two men, Juan Lozano Ortega, age 24, and Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez, 26, have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. The charges, handed out on Wednesday, July 17, each come with a $30,000 bail.

3. Cops Found The Two Men Through Back-Tracing A Phone Call

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Police found Perez and Ortega from back-tracing a phone number. One of the men let the 13-year-old victim borrow their cellphone after dropping her off. She called her foster brother, who refused to come pick her up. Authorities used the caller ID information to identify and capture the now convicted duo.

4. The Girl Ran Away From Her Group Home

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The 13-year-old had just run away from her group home, the Settlement Home for Children, an organization that helps girls 7-18 years old who have been abused or neglected. She left the home on June 30 and reportedly got into a car with three men.

5. Authorities Are Investigating The Group Home

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Austin Police are now looking into the group home. Authorities are interested in finding out why the girl ran away from the home in the first place. At this time, neither Austin police or the home are willing to comment.

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