7-Foot-Tall ‘MasterChef’ Arrested in Wild Rampage, Claims ‘Possession’ By Gordon Ramsay

josh marks masterchef arrest

A 7-foot-tall Masterchef contender claiming he was possessed by Gordon Ramsay was brought down by five cops after an insane episode on the University of Chicago campus, according to TMZ.

Here’s what you should know about Josh Marks, the cook who boiled over.

1. Marks Allegedly Tried to Steal a Cop’s Gun

Masterchef arrested, josh marks arrested


A cop spotted Josh Marks — with cuts all over his face — on Monday trying to use one of the university’s safety phones. Cops say the maniacal Masterchef punched the officer and tried to steal his gun.

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2. Marks Blames His Rage on Gordon Ramsay

masterchef arrested, Gordon Ramsay


The source reports a struggling Josh told cops that Gordon Ramsay, Scottish chef and TV personality, is an “a**hole,” and is the one to blame for his outburst of rage.

3. Marks ‘Was Possessed by Ramsey and Turned Into God’

After being batoned and pepper-sprayed, Marks still resisted, and it took a total of five police officers to tackle the massive man and bring him down. He was then taken to a hospital, where he claimed Gordon Ramsay possessed his body and transformed him into God.

Strangely enough, doctors said Marks was not on drugs.

4. Marks Is Chained to a Bed

Josh is currently being chained to a hospital bed and is awaiting further analysis.

5. Marks Was a Finalist on Masterchef

Before his cop-tackling days, Marks was a fine cook on Masterchef. With a background in both Southern and Panamanian cuisine, he added his very own flavor to the show, even becoming one of the finalists in his season. Check out a video of his chef days below:

VideoVideo related to 7-foot-tall ‘masterchef’ arrested in wild rampage, claims ‘possession’ by gordon ramsay2013-07-31T11:35:56-04:00

Will Mark be able to get back into the kitchen or will “the heat” get the best of him?