Osama bin Laden Pulled Over For Speeding While in Hiding in Pakistan

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According to the leaked Abbottabad Commission documents, Osama bin Laden was stopped on at least one occasion for speeding. According to the report, bin Laden would make occasional trips to the bazaar with his family and two couriers when they lived in Pakistan’s Swat Valley from 2002-2003.

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Suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden is seen in this undated photo taken from a television image. (Photo by Getty Images)

The wife of bin Laden’s trusted guard, Ibrahim al-Kuwaiti, presented the information during her testimony to the Abbottabad Commission. Maryam explained that while they were to or from the bazaar, they were pulled over by a policeman on one occasion. It is not explained whether the police officer was paid off or did not recognize the world’s most notorious fugitive. At the time, Maryam didn’t even know who her husband was guarding at the time. At the time, bin Laden was clean-shaven and most likely unrecognizable to most.

al-Wuwaiti’s wife went on to say during her deposition that, unbeknownst, she was living in the same house as bin Laden. The villa that she shared with her husband and others was divided into two portions and those in the separate portions never interacted.

Imagine, the bin Laden manhunt could have been over eight years earlier.

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