Fuaed Abdo Ahmed: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

fuaed Ahmed louisiana bank hostages

Fuaed Ahmed. (Facebook)

Yesterday in the small town of St. Joseph, Louisiana, Fuaed Abdo Ahmed took three hostages in a branch of Tensas State Bank. Ahmed is 20-year-old resident of St. Joseph who entered the bank armed, took hostages, made demands and was shot dead by a SWAT team. His family was originally from Yemen and then moved to California before ultimately ending up in Louisiana.

Here is what you need to know about this deceased murderer:

1. A Friend Says He Thought He Had an Implant in His Brain

Louisiana bank hostage crisis


Ahmed is described as a paranoid schizophrenic and believed that there was an implant transmitting voices in his brain. Authorities on the scene report that as negotiations continued he became increasingly erratic.

Louisiana State Police superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said that, “he was mad at people that he said were mean to him.”

2. One of His Demands During the Hostage Crisis Was to Have the Device Removed From His Head

fuaed Ahmed Louisiana


Ahmed was reportedly making demands in exchange for the safety of the hostages. Although not all of these demands have been released, authorities say that one of these demands was the immediate removal of the device that he believed was implanted in his brain.

3. His Family Owned a Local Convenience Store

Above is the location of the Ahmed family’s convenience store which is located directly across the street from the bank where Fuaed took his hostages, and ultimately died.

4. He Shot Two Hostages, Killing One

Police report that two hostages were shot yesterday evening after negotiations started to break down. Both victims were shot in the chest, one was killed and the other is currently in critical condition at a local hospital.

KNOE is now reporting that Jay Warbington was the hostage who was killed and Ledean McDaniel was the hostage who was shot and is now in critical condition.

5. He Let One Hostage Go

According to nola.com, hostage negotiators got in touch with a friend of Ahmed’s in Alaska. This was reportedly very effective in convincing Ahmed to release one of the three victims, a woman named Patricia White. See above for footage taken on the scene yesterday.

6. His Posted a Cartoon of a Hostage Joke

fuaed ahmed


Ahmed posted the above comic to his Facebook page just three days before he took hostages at a near-by bank. The comic makes light of a hostage situation in which the police encourage the gunman to kill a hostage because his demand, a sandwich, is too inconvenient for the police.

7. His Last Facebook Post was Made Hours Before He Stormed the Bank

Louisiana Gunman


Yesterday, just a few hours before he walked into the bank armed, Ahmed posted an image of a lone swordsman jumping at a tank. The text below the image talks about how easy it is for tyrannical governments to manipulate the mind of its citizens.

This could be determined proof of a motive for Ahmed’s actions, the text could also, in a less literal way, be a reflection of his delusions that the government had an implant in his brain.

8. He Went to Louisiana State University and Was in Student Government

Louisiana bank robber


According to his Facebook page, which can be seen above, the 20-year-old Ahmed studied at the University of Louisiana at Monroe where he listed himself as being involved in the student government.

KNOE has now confirmed with LSU that Ahmed was a student there through the Spring of 2012 but is no longer enrolled.

The headmaster at Briarfield Academy, a local private school that Ahmed attended, has made a statement saying:

All of Briarfield is deeply saddened by the tragedy that involved a former student. I was very close to Fuaed. He attended our school through elementary on. He was an outstanding young man who was on the honor society, captain of the football team, and a few points from being salutorian. He was a wonderful kid that we loved. It is hard to believe he is capable of doing what he did early this morning.

9. It Was Not a Robbery but a Planned Attack

fuaed ahmed


Ahmed had reportedly written a letter describing in detail what he was going to do in the bank, authorities have recovered this letter. He was armed with both a pistol and a rifle. There is no information yet about the types of weapons used or whether they were obtained legally.

KNOE is now reporting that the Ahmend just intended on attacking the bank and its patrons and never planned on taking any more or making the attack a robbery.

He was also reportedly armed with a duffel bag of items that were going to be used to torture the hostages. The police said that, “His intent was to inflict pain and kill these individuals.”

10. Reports: His Brother Was Arrested on the Scene

RT reported yesterday that a man believed to be the suspects brother was arrested on the scene for trying to break through police barriers. His arrest was reportedly not connected with the hostage crisis, but he may have been trying to communicate with the suspect.

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