Cops: 14-Year-Old Mentally Disabled Girl Gang-Raped in Arkansas Dental Clinic

The police in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, are investigating an alleged rape of a 14-year-old mentally disabled girl, reports WMC-TV.

Three teenage boys have been arrested in relation to the crime and are being held in a local juvenile detention center. Two of the suspects are 16 years old and the other is reported to be 15. Two of the suspects was already wearing a GPS ankle bracelet and thusly could be tried as adults, reports WREG.

It’s understood that the girl was raped in the boys bathroom of the Twin Cities Dental Clinic on Oakland Avenue in Helena-West Helena. WREG reports that the girl was brought to the clinic by her charter school. The three boys were brought in the same vehicle but are from a different school to the girl.

The boys brought the girl into the bathroom and one forced her to perform oral sex on him. Another boy is believed to have subsequently raped her. The three fled the scene but were later apprehended.

The one review we could find, from, for the dental clinic read:

Mentally Disabled Girl Raped in Arkansas Dental Clinic, Teenage girl raped in Twin Cities Dental Clinic.


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