New James DiMaggio Warrant: Used Condoms, Letters From Hannah, DNA Test Kit, Bombs [DOC]

James DiMaggio, James DiMaggio Search Warrant

Search warrants reveal an incendiary device and shotgun shells to be among items found on James DiMaggio’s property. (Superior Court of California County San Diego)

Search warrant documents obtained by NBC 7 San Diego reveal firebombs, ammunition, two used condoms, a DNA test kit and “letters from Hanna” were among a plethora of items found in the home of kidnapping and murder suspect James Lee DiMaggio. The new details emerged as Hannah Anderson, DiMaggio’s 16-year-old kidnap victim, stepped out in public for the first time since her rescue at a fundraiser Thursday.

According to the documents, investigators cataloged dozens of items taken from DiMaggio’s torched home after he killed Anderson’s mother, Christina Anderson, and her 8-year-old brother, Ethan. Among the list of items, investigators discovered camping equipment, a gas can, a handwritten not, arson wire, two boxes with red stains on them and a tarp.

The DNA test kit was found inside of Christina’s burnt out car, whose remains were found inside of the house. Investigators also found a map of Yosemite, which could be a clue as to where DiMaggio intended to take his kidnap victim.

James DiMAggio, James Lee DiMaggio

(Superior Court of California County San Diego)

The court documents do not, however, connect any of the found items with DiMaggio’s crime, but do reveal that the law enforcement officer was specifically looking for items that could inflict blunt force trauma.

Other search warrants released on Wednesday revealed investigators believed DiMaggio had “tortured and killed” Christina and Ethan, and then burned down his house.

DiMaggio then fled San Diego to the Idaho wilderness with Hannah, who was found seven days later near Morehead Lake. Hannah was rescued by officials at the scene and DiMaggio was shot dead.

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