DEADLY DEJA-VU: James Dimaggio Dies 18 Years After Dad Held Teen Girl Hostage & Killed Himself

DiMaggio Jr (left) & Hannah Anderson

DiMaggio Jr (left) & Hannah Anderson

James DiMaggio’s kidnapping of 16-year-old Hannah Anderson may feel like a deadly deja-vu.

According to the Daily Mail, James Dimaggio’s father (also called James Dimaggio) committed suicide 18 years to the day of his sons death, after holding a 16-year-old girl captive in a violent home invasion.

The similarities are chilling.

Reports indicate that after becoming infatuated with one of James Jr.’s 16-year-old classmates, James Dimaggio Sr. resorted to violence when she refused to run away with him. According to a local news interview with the victim — who is now an adult — DiMaggio broke into her family’s home with handcuffs and a shotgun and threatened to kill her if she didn’t comply with his demands. According to the victim, DiMaggio had been showering her with concert tickets and telling her he wanted to take her away to a better life. He had also dated her mother.

james dimaggio dead killed

DiMaggio Sr. reportedly held the teenager and her boyfriend at gunpoint. While the boyfriend was handcuffed to a bed, the young girl managed to escape after asking to use the bathroom, prosecutors said.

“I don’t believe that you’re born this way, but really to follow such a path as your father,” the victim said. “It was almost a déjà vu… It was weird.”

The unidentified woman said that the occurrence scared her so much that she was forced to change schools as well as her name.

This was not the only violent occurrence linked to DiMaggio’s father. According to a December 1989 article in The Tribune, James Everet DiMaggio was wanted for questioning in connection with the beatings of two people with a baseball bat at an El Cajon motel.

Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson

DeMaggio Sr. — described as a heavy methamphetamine user — committed suicide.  Shockingly, DiMaggio Junior’s friend, Andrew Spanswick, told HuffPost Crime he was worried the suspect would take his own life on the anniversary of his father’s death.

On August 10, 2013, 16-year-old Hannah Anderson was found safe in the Idaho wilderness. DiMaggio was suspected of killing Hannah’s mother, Christina Anderson, 44, and her 8-year-old brother Ethan, whose bodies were found last Sunday night in his burning house in California. Details of what happened to Anderson during her days in captivity are unclear.

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