WATCH: Massive Explosion Rocks the City of Homs in Syria, Kills 22

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As seen in a video uploaded to YouTube, a huge explosion shook the Syrian city of Homs today and blasted an immense fireball into the sky. The attack — which utilized an explosive significantly bigger than most bombs used in Syria’s two-year civil war — targeted a pro-regime militia weapons depot.

According to British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, “At least 22 people, including civilians, were killed and dozens wounded, some seriously, when an ammunitions depot blew up in the pro-regime Wadi al-Zahab district after rocket fire, most probably by rebels.”

According to a Homs resident who talked to the AP, “thick smoke and dust could be seen from a distance, as explosions shook the ground and panicked those nearby.”

The neighborhood where the attack struck is majority Alawite — a minority sect group which has been targeted by Sunni Muslim insurgents as it is President Bashar al-Assad’s sect. Syria’s conflict which has pit government forces against rebel militants, has become increasingly violent, sectarian and unstoppable.

The attack also coincides with a rare trip by President Assad to a former rebel bastion near the capital of Damascus.

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