Frank Kohler, Navy Yard Victim: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Frank Kohler, Frank Kohler Shooting victim, Frank Kohler Tall Timbers, Frank Kohler Washington Navy Yard shooting.


Frank Kohler, 50, was confirmed as one of the victims of the horror that took place at the Washington Navy Yard on September 16, reports Tribune Live.

Here’s what you need to know about this fallen hero…

1. Kohler Was a Pennsylvania Native

Frank Kohler was native of Zelienople, Pennsylvania. He attended Slippery Rock University in nearby Butler County, Pennsylvania. Kohler graduated from there with a degree in computer science in 1985, and his wife, Michelle, also graduated from the college with a similar qualification a year later. His parents and brother still live in Zelienople.

Done Pepe, the borough manager of Zelinople, said:

When you have a national tragedy, you don’t think it will affect people you know. This is very sad and poignant. Harvey [Kohler’s brother] has worked for the borough for a long time. Everyone is saddened about this. Harvey told me yesterday morning that he knew his brother was at the Navy Yard. He called Monday night to say that his brother had passed away.”

Kohler had four siblings.

2. Kohler Was at the Navy Yard for a Meeting

A spokesperson for the Navy says Kohler worked for an independent military contractor and was at the Navy Yard for a business meeting. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that his work often took him to the yard.

Kohler worked for Information Concepts Management LLC, which had been subcontracted to the Navy by TWD & Associates out of Arlington, Virginia. He had been working in this capacity within the Navy for two years, helping to support the Navy’s intranet system (the same project Aaron Alexis had been contracted to work on).

3. Kohler Co-Owned a Business With His Wife

Frank Kohler, Frank Kohler Shooting victim, Frank Kohler Tall Timbers, Frank Kohler Washington Navy Yard shooting.


In addition to his other job which was linked to the Navy, Kohler and his wife, Michelle, are listed as the owners of Computer Management Systems Inc. The company is based in Tall Timbers, Maryland, where Kohler lived. Kohler’s title at the company was senior system engineer.

Kohler was once employed by Lockheed-Martin.

4. Kohler and His Wife Worked So Hard, Neighbors Say They ‘Never Saw Them’

Kohler lived by Herring Creek in Tall Timbers, just at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. A neighbor, Joyce Mori, told The Associate Press:

Frank and Michelle work, so we never see them, on weekends they have a boat and a pool, and they go water-skiing. It looks like they have friends over all the time. It just seems like they’re a good family.

5. Kohler Was the Organizer of a Local Oyster Festival

Frank Kohler, Frank Kohler Shooting victim, Frank Kohler Tall Timbers, Frank Kohler Washington Navy Yard shooting.


Kohler was once a president of the Rotary Club in Lexington, Maryland. After his term finished he stayed involved with the club including organizing their annual oyster festival. He was an also a great outdoorsman enjoying hunting and fishing in addition to playing golf. Kohler is also described as a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

The Rotary Club’s motto is “Service above Self,” something that, judging by Kohler’s tributes, could have been about him personally.

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