BREAKING: 4 People Killed in Arizona Plane Crash

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A light aircraft crash in Paulden, Arizona, killed four people today, reports Fox 10.

This is a breaking story so please stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far.

1. There Were No Survivors on Board the Plane

Four people were confirmed dead at the scene. There were no survivors of the crash. Chino Valley Fire District spokesman Rob Zuzueta speaking to the Associated Press confirmed the victims were the pilot and three passengers.

2. Witnesses Heard the Engine ‘Whining’

The Cessna 340 plane crashed at around 12:40 p.m. local time. ABC 15 reports:

Yavapai County Sheriff’s spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn said witnesses saw the plane clip some trees and then appear to explode on impact. Two teen brothers on fall break were working with horses on their property when the plane went down. Joshua Reiman, 18, told ABC15 he looked up when he heard the plane’s engine “whining.” He said he saw the plane plummet.

His 16-year-old brother, Cody, said he was in a different part of the field and saw a fireball when the plane crashed. D’Evelyn said some witnesses also indicated the plane may have struck a radio tower on the property, causing the crash.

3. The Plane Was Due to Land in Prescott

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The plane was flying out from Bullhead City airport and had been expected to land in Bullhead City airport.

4. The Crash Happened on the Property of a Shooting Range

The crash happened in Paulden, Arizona, 30 miles north of Prescott, Arizona. The exact location of the crash is on the Gunsite Academy. Those on board were scheduled to attend the Gunsite, Yavapai County Sheriff said he didn’t know why the plane was over the Gunsite Academy.

5. A Full-Investigation is Pending

It’s not known if the government shutdown will prevent the FAA from investigating the tragedy.

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