Handcuffs, Breakdowns & Twerking: Kidnap Victim Hannah Anderson Is Back on Ask.fm

hanna anderson ask.fm

Hannah Anderson’s new Ask.fm profile picture.

After almost a month of silence, Hannah Anderson, the 16-year-old Amber Alert victim who was kidnapped by family friend James DiMaggio and held for over a week, has returned to her Ask.fm account.

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DiMaggio was also accused of killing Hannah’s mother and brother, who were found in his burned down house the day Hannah was discovered missing.

Hannah took to the question-and-answer social media site immediately after her rescue to answer questions regarding kidnapping that she believed the news media was getting “wrong.”

Now, Hannah Anderson is back on Ask.fm juxtaposing questions about her personal life with questions about her kidnapping and murdered family:

hannah anderson ask.fm

hannah anderson

hannah anderson

hannah anderson

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She also posted new pictures of her with a guy and at social events, along with old pictures of her with her deceased brother and mother.

hannah anderson new pictures

hannah anderson boyfriend

hannah anderson

christina anderson

Young Hannah Anderson with her mother.

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