Alleged Killer of Adrian Peterson’s Son Is Out of Prison

Joseph Patterson Adrian Peterson Sioux Falls South Dakota Release Bail Prison


The man accused of murdering the son of NFL star Adrian Peterson has been released from prison. TMZ reports that Joseph Patterson, 27, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, posted the massive $750,000 bond on the morning of October 28, meaning he came up with $75,000.

He was originally arrested for the assault of Peterson’s 2-year-old, Tyrese Ruffin. The child died while Patterson was in custody, and his charges were upgraded to second-degree murder. Reports at the time indicated the child died from being violently shaken.

The child was originally reported to be Adrian Peterson Jr., but was actually a lovechild that Peterson had with a woman named Ashley Doohen. She had previously lived in Minnesota, where Peterson lived, but had relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she was dating Joseph Patterson. Her son, Tyrese Ruffin, took the first name of the man Doohen had been living with just after he was born.