Deadly Bartender Revealed as Jets Fan Who Punched Woman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

kurt paschke jets fan punches patriots woman fan in face

The infamous Jet fan/hooligan who was shown punching a woman in the face on a fan recorded video, has been named and shamed. He is 38-year-old Long Island bartender Kurt Paschke, reports The New York Post. The woman has been named as Jaclyn Nugent, 26, from Boston. Paschke and his friends have been questioned by New Jersey state police in relation to the incident but was not arrested.

Even more sensationally it’s been reported that Paschke did time for killing a guy as well as once being a part of a Neo-Nazi skinhead gang.

Here’s what you need to know about this thug:

1. In 1992, Paschke Fatally Stabbed 17-Year-Old Henri Ferrer

Kurt Paschke Jets Fan Patriots Fan Punched Woman Kurt Paschke Murder Kurt Paschke Long Island.


After getting involved in a melee outside of a pizza joint in Sayville, Long Island in 1992, Paschke stabbed a 17-year-old kid to death. Paschke was originally charged with murder one but saw his charges downgraded, he served four years for his involvement in Henri Ferrer’s death, reports The Daily News.

2. While in Prison, Paschke Befriended Martin Tankleff

A book written on the case of Marty Tankleff, the Long Islander who was convicted of murdering his wealthy parents in 1988, cites Paschke as his best friend. Tankleff’s conviction for murder was overturned.

3. Paschke Brought His Mom to the Patriots Game

As part of breast cancer awareness month in October, Paschke took his mother to the MetLife stadium on October 20. His mom, Colleen, told The New York Post, “He didn’t deliberately hit the girl, he was simply being defensive.” She added that accompanying her son to the game was a “special treat,” going on to say:

There was a group of Patriots fans antagonizing our friends the whole game…game…They were drunk and out of control. As my son and I were leaving the, the group came charging from behind and said, ‘Let’s get them.’ Then the girl on [on the video] was throwing three punches at my son…and with that, my son is just trying to protect himself and me.

4. Marty Tankleff Thinks Paschke Fell in With the Wrong Crowd

According to “A Criminal Injustice: A True Crime, a False Confession, and the Fight to Free Marty Tankleff,” Paschke didn’t know that gang he was with were Neo Nazis. On the night that Henri Ferrer was stabbed, Paschke was with his gang of skinheads. The Post reports Paschke’s family saying their son is not a skinhead.

The book says that Paschke was trying to leave the gang when he was attacked on the night Ferrer died. Henri Ferrer is also reported to have been a skinhead.

5. Paschke’s Father Is a Retired Cop

Kurt Paschke Senior is a retired Suffolk County police officer. Paschke Senior and his wife live across the street from their son. After learning of his son’s friendship with Marty Tankleff, Paschke Senior began to look into Tankleff’s case. Eventually he became one of the convicted killer’s biggest supporters.

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