Nicholas John Miller, Alleged School Bus Hijacker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

nick miller bus hijacker


At around 7:20 a.m. today in Jacksonville, Arkansas, 22-year-old Nicholas John Miller allegedly approached a woman with a knife and demanded her car. When the woman informed Miller she did not have a car, police say he fled from the 1000 block of North First Street in the town and jumped onto a school bus brandishing the knife.

Here is what you need to know about the hijacking and the suspect:

1. Police Say Jumped Onto a School Bus With a Knife

nicholas miller arkansas

Miller’s mug shot.

Allegedly wielding a knife, Miller boarded a school bus containing 11 elementary school children and the bus driver. Miller then reportedly took the driver’s seat and began driving the bus.

Police report that no children, nor the driver, were injured in the incident.

2. He Led the Police on a 10-Mile Chase

Arkansas online is reporting that Miller drove the school bus up John Harden Drive at speeds ranging between 30 and 50 mph. Above you can see raw video from a driver filming the chase on their cell phone.

The chase continued around 10 miles until Mountain Springs Road, where the bus was stopped and Miller was pulled out by police.

See the route of the chase below:

3. He Has a Long Criminal History

joseph miller criminal history

Local news station THV11 is reporting that Miller has a long history with the Jacksonville police with at least “six different reports” of illegal activity. Above, you can see the file of one incident.

As recently as May 29, 2013, Miller was arrested for breaking and entering, and theft of property. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years probation.

4. He is Charged With 12 Counts of Kidnapping

Due to the 12 people on the bus, 11 of whom were children, Miller will be charged with 12 counts of kidnapping. He will also be charged with one count of vehicle piracy, and two counts of aggravated assault.

In Arkansas, one charge of kidnapping, which is a Class Y felony, means a minimum of 10 years in prison with a maximum of 40.

5. He Has a Child and Family Issues

nicholas miller


Fox news has reported that Miller’s wife described him as a “meth head” and that he has previously been in trouble over child support. The above image was taken from his Facebook and hints again at familial problems.

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