‘Manhattan Sized’ Iceberg Floating in Shipping Lanes in Southern Ocean

Giant Iceberg Floating Into Shipping Lanes Across Antarctica Manhattan Iceberg New York City Southern Ocean Pine Island


Scientists are concerned about a ‘Manhattan’ sized iceberg that’s broken off from Antarctica’s largest glacier, Pine Island. The berg first became free in July, but now it’s causing concern as it continues to move into open water, reports the BBC.

The reported size of the berg is 270 sq miles, roughly the size of the New York City island.

Leading the research into the berg is Grant Bigg from the University of Sheffield in the UK, he says:

From the time it had been found that the crack had gone all the way across in July, it had stayed iced-in because it was still winter (in Antarctica).

But in the last couple of days, it has begun to break away and now a kilometre or two of clear water has developed between it and the glacier.

It often takes a while for bergs from this area to get out of Pine Island Bay but once they do that they can either go eastwards along the coast or they can… circle out into the main part of the Southern Ocean.

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