Did Obama Lie About ObamaCare?: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



With news agencies pounding away at Barack Obama for the reoccurring mishaps hindering the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, it has become pretty common to call him a liar. The popularity of trends on Twitter like #LiesObamaToldUs are surging every day.

So, let’s take a look at these accusations to find out if Barack Obama as been lying about ObamaCare.

1. Obama Believed It When He Said ‘You Can Keep Your Policy’

Of all the lies the Obama administration should be accused of telling, this one seems to be the most important.

Since ObamaCare’s launch on October 1, Barack Obama and other top Democrats have been saying that if you like your current healthcare plan, then you can keep it. The accusations of lying occurred when insurance companies started canceling the plans that policy holders were so anxious to keep. Why did this happen? Well, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act, all insurance policies need to provide certain protections. With these additional services, Insurance companies decided they could not continue to offer people their original plans, plus the ObamaCare additions, without raising the prices.

So did Obama lie? No not necessarily. It did take a certain naiveté and a lack of communication with insurance companies to say that people could unequivocally keep their plans, but it’s not a lie.

2. Someone Lied About the Website Being Ready



Someone, somewhere, told President Obama before October 1, 2013 that HealthCare was ready for the public. The online insurance market place began crashing and experiencing problems day one, and many blame Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough for the terrible launch. The website was designed by over 55 contractors and there was reportedly very little communication between them.

Some news agencies, including POLITICO, have reported that the blame for the pre-mature launch is on him.

3. Even After the Fix, the HealthCare site is Still Struggling


Insurance agents help people with information about policies that are available to them under the Affordable Care Act. (Getty)

In October, only around 26,000 people signed up for health insurance under ObamaCare, that number rose to 100,000 in November. Earlier this week, the Obama administration instituted its “fix” to improve HealthCare, and since then already over 25,000 have purchased health insurance online.

However, a new report suggests that the website needs a lot of improvement before it can be considered fully functional. Of the insurance applications being sent to insurance providers, Reuters reports that up to 10 percent are flawed or incomplete. This may risk people’s insurance plans not being in place by the beginning of 2014.

4. The Supreme Court Found the ObamaCare Fine Constitutional

supreme court

One of the more controversial parts of the the Affordable Care Act legislation is the mandate that requires American citizens to pay a fine for not having health insurance after March 31, 2014. Earlier this year, the Supreme Court decided that the mandated fine was not, as Republicans alleged, unconstitutional because the government has the right to levy taxes.

Is Obama lying about ObamaCare being constitutional? Not according to the Supreme Court.

5. There Are More Important ‘Lies’ to Worry About

NSA documents

NSA Headquarters

With the Republican party so quick to jump on Barack Obama for “lying” about ObamaCare, it is surprising that more attention has not been paid to other, more obvious faults in the Obama platform. Documents leaked by former-NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that the National Security Agency has been collecting massive amount of phone and internet data on Americans without probable cause. Likewise, President Obama promised in 2008 that he would close Guantanamo Bay, a stain on the human rights reputation of his predecessor’s administration. Yet, in 2013, the prison remains open with 166 inmates, 46 of which have been slated as “indefinite detainees.”

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